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DEEP GOLD PRO Special Edition Metal Detector with 11" and 15" DD duel sensor Search Coil Special Edition features the NEW "DEEP MODE (Goes DEEPER!), NEW "Cache Hunting ,NEW "Digital CODING Technology (DCT)" and more! The sheer power of the new boost mode is unbelievable! While the DEEP GOLD PRO goes to extraordinary depths, the new DEEP GOLD PRO redefines deep again. The technological advance of Digital coding Technology (DCT) permits the use of maximum sensitivity settings with minimum background noise. This noise reduction reduces user fatigue and enhances the detecting experience. Already a premier detector, renowned for its target separation capability and performance in iron laden sites, the deep gold pro just might be the deepest seeking detector ever. It has pulled targets from unbelievable depths, in areas already spanked by just about every detector, including the heaviest most expensive multi-frequency models. The deep gold pro finds targets that other detectors can’t touch! Combining this light weight detector’s lightning speed with new extreme depth makes the best detector ever made. It will out-hunt any other detector. Did you know? The deep gold pro is one of the most sensitive and sought after metal detector for finding gold nuggets,under gold detecting, treasure hunting  in other parts of the world! As it turned out, the new deep gold pro was so good at finding gold that it was almost unattainable due to overwhelming demand. The factory simply could not supply the deep pro in that large of a volume! If you are looking for a metal detector that can easily find Gold nuggets rings, deep coins,relics,deep treasure at incredible depths, this is the detector to buy. Features: • Frequency : 13.5 kHz • Warranty : 2 Year Limited • Total Weight : 3 lbs (1.36 kgs) • Audio : Built-in 1/4" Headphone Jack • Ground Cancellation : Trigger-Actuated DCT Instant, Tunable Ground Cancellation • Discrimination Control : Double Filter Discrimination Modes For Searching In Trashy Areas •

Digital Target ID : 0 to 99 Target ID Scale Offers Increased Ability to Distinguish One Target’s Conductivity from Another Factory Included Accessories:

15" DD duel sensor Search Coil •11" DD duel sensor Search Coil